Full Moon Books & Event Center Psychic Fair

2nd Sundays from 12pm-5pm

Call 303-233-6666 To Schedule

Elisa’s mediumship practice is authentically being guided to serve in private sessions, intimate group and audience settings.

She also understands what an amazing and economically inviting opportunity a psychic fair offers. Elisa joyfully extends her services to include readings at Full Moon Bookstore Psychic Fair every second Sunday of the month.

Full Moon Books & Event Center
9106 W 6th Avenue Lakewood, CO
(It is highly recommended to call for an appointment)

Call 303-233-6666 To Schedule

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Disclaimer: By agreeing to use Elisa Malangone's services you are agreeing to these conditions. Information received from sessions with Elisa Malangone are not to be substituted for Medical, Legal or Financial advice. Elisa Malangone is not responsible for a recipients interpretation or actions based on information given in a session.