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Rising Through the Rubble

Hello Beautiful Soul~I so feel you on this subject. Has your life felt more like a struggle through a hurricane then the enjoyable ideal you thought you were manifesting on your vision board of dreams? I myself have lived through a lot of havoc from loss of situations in my life that I thought were solid, concrete and unwavering, only to have everything shatter right before my eyes in such a devastating way, to the point that pulling the covers over my head and never emerging to the light of day again really sounded like a good idea and a safe plan.

When we go through these trials, they can become so devastating and debilitating that sometimes we can not see the higher vibrational miracle that is about to shine through the rubble. We can often find ourselves so vulnerable in our wounds, we end up bleeding all over those who didn’t even cut us if we don’t address the need for healing. Could it possibly be that in order to level up and rise to a more enlightening platform of living and loving, the unstable foundations that no longer serve our higher best purpose have to FALL? Unfortunatly, they have to FALL HARD in order to awaken us to the realization that there is more to life then to simply just go through the motions.

Below are just a few inspiring tips that I have gathered along the way during my own epiphanies through learning how to rise to higher frequencies through the rubble that was left from my own life lessons. All You have to Remember is the word RISE.

1. R-REALIZE this pain and devastation is only temporary unless you decide to pitch a tent around your sorrows and live there. Once you come to a realization that you are in choice to move forward from the rubble, the blue prints to rebuilding a better, healthier and more meaningful reality, will truly start to unfold before your eyes.

2. I-INVITE your Soul to the healing party. We often forget that we actually are “Spiritual Beings” first having a human experience and not the other way around. Somehow we allowed ego’s conditioning to remove us from our native language, which is the language and wisdom of the soul. The heart already knows what the mind can only imagine. Trust it’s guidance. When I moved through this stage, and truly sat with the intelligence of my soul, I was able to take inventory that the parts of my life that crumbled were actually created from the void of my ego and not from a higher self understanding to begin with.

3. S-SURRENDER the need to control or fix what has crumbled before you. Do take responsibility for your part however. This does not always mean that a situation can’t be healed and revisited in a more unified healthier light and vibration down the road. Sometimes we must allow a death to a frequency that no longer supports us, before it can Phoenix it’s way back to us with renewed energy.

4. E-EVOLVE to a higher understanding of yourself. Of course this takes a little time, but isn’t the time going to pass anyway? You can spend it stuck in your anger and frustration and see where that gets you, or you can take one day at a time to create something inside you that is so spiritually sound that not even a tsunami can destroy it. Get to know your true self. Sometimes these storms happen because what was once created was a watered down reality we chose to settle for because we truly did not know ourselves at the time. Your Soul wants you to have the best life experience possible and will hit the reset button if needed to get your attention that you can do better.

In order to rise above the rubble, there truly needs to be a new angle. We tend to repeat old non-supportive patterns because we want a quick fix through the uncomfortable pain. In becoming one with your truth, the life you rebuild and co-create from there will compliment your desires to the best expansive life possible. When foundations are built on truth, nothing can ever destroy them.

Much Love Light and Insight~Elisa

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The Ebb and Flow of YES and NO

People Pleasers in the house? Oh yes, I myself am a former tribe member in recovery as your poster child. I still to this day catch myself feeling the need to please others. Just this past Christmas for example, I had some house guest who weren’t compassionate enough to take my no for answer, even though they knew I was recovering from the flu. The end result was that I gave in, pushed myself to the point of extreme exhaustion and needless to say, they were unpleased with the results and went to great extremes and distasteful measures to let me and anyone who would listen know how disappointed they were. Because I was not recovered fully from the flu, that exhaustion, led to walking pneumonia as well. I do feel a divine intervention was in play to protect me from carrying such unsupportive energies into what has become such an expansive and prosperous 2019, but WOW what a hard hit lesson on not honoring yourself first and standing firm in your NO.

As I reflected, took inventory and full responsibility on how I continue to allow such experiences to creep into my life, I could not help but to hold myself accountable with a few questions. Who allowed this to happen? Answer: Yours truly. Why was it so important to put your needs last just because someone insisted? Answer: I must not value myself. Now, that burning question that leads us to the truth of the matter… When you say Yes out of obligation, who and what are you saying No to? Answer: Sadly, The integrity, the self confidence and the authenticity of my innate truth and HIGHER SELF. BOOM DROP THE MIC I DO BELIEVE THIS GIRL FINALLY GETS IT!!!!

When you know better you start to do better (Oprah shout out). When I now find myself in any position that compromises the integrity of the foundation of my higher truth, I now rephrase the question. “IF I SAY NO TO THIS CERTAIN REQUEST, WHO AND WHAT AM I SAYING YES TO? There is certainly an EBB and FLOW to YES and NO! For every NO you say, there is a higher powered and more accommodating YES waiting for you right around the corner. I realize now that if I were to have said no to my house guest last December, my health and the integrity they attempted to comprimise would had remained unshaken. That would had been a Yes worth giving myself. The impactful lesson that came from it though was also truly valuable and for that, I bless them for the part they played in my awakening. As we all move forward to higher living just remember the beautiful gift that comes from the EBB and FLOW of YES and NO.

Much Love, Light and Insight~Elisa

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Not Letting Go Limits Future Manifesting

As I meditated on what to write today for this particular post, the word forgiveness came up several times. Each time I was visited with the idea, I struggled with saying yes to it. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but lately I have been challenged with situations and circumstances that have left me so baffled, heart-broken and confused that I was thrown completely out of alignment with my own truth. Oh I can hear you all now “Elisa, you’re psychic can’t you see these things coming and avoid them?”. Sadly grasshopper, even if we see it coming, sometimes we are still required to move through the lesson. Our abilities may help us discern through it and move through it quickly, however; we still must experience it.

As I take on this topic, I realize it’s so hard to forgive and let go of a hurtful situation, especially when there are pieces missing to the puzzle like, apologies, closure or deeper explanations for the inexcusable behaviors that were directed towards us. What’s important to remember is that no matter how out of control the situation feels, you are still in choice on how you move forward. You can learn from it and become better or you can wallow, stay stuck and become bitter. I would like to think I would choose Better over Bitter any day, but forgiveness and letting go is a process and certainly does take some time, so in that, be gentle with yourself as you navigate through it.

It all may come down to the burning question “What energies are you allowing your energies to focus on”? What we focus on we allow. It’s unfortunate that others did not take the same care and compassion with our hearts as we did for theirs, but, If we continue to harbor ill feelings toward those who hurt us, we have relinquished our power to a lower frequency, and in doing so, we limit the co-creation and the manifestation of our future happiness and successes. In my humble opinion, there is no pain or person worth yielding a fantastic highest best future for.

As we take inventory of what we can and can not control, we find our truth and the power within us to surrender to the process. This will give you the strength, confirmation and clarity to rebuild and restructure. Just remember, to stay stuck and bitter will always limit the life you can create for yourself from here on out.

Much Love, Light and Insight~Elisa

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Staying Consciously Clear and Connected

Many of those in my beautiful spiritual community will ask me on occasion ” Elisa, How can I stay connected with my spirit guides and truly trust the connection?” I always get excited to answer these heart-conscious inquiries.

Just the other day I had a phone reading with a client, she was really irritated with me that I was delivering guidance from her “Spiritual Guides.” She went on to say, actually at this point, she was screaming “I want INFORMATION, my GUIDES HAVE RUINED MY LIFE and I do not want to hear from them I want YOU to give me answers! I first wanted to ask ” Have you read my website? I work solely with your higher self, your guides and angels.”

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The Intelligence Of Your Soul Will Never Steer You Wrong.

I actually came across these valuable words of wisdom from Walt Whitman from a morning tea bag just a few months ago and felt deeply inspired to take a photo. The innate wisdom did not start to resonate and ring true for my own soul until a recent visit to the fear-based belief vibrations I was raised in. I was truly tested to the core of my being, and thanks to years and years of knowing my own truth and working on my own spiritual growth, I truly believe I passed the test.

When people stay stuck in their story’s, they often need validation in order to justify their behaviors, belief systems and limitations. Sometimes, the extremes they go to can be acoustic, judgmental, fear mongering and downright mean and critical.

If the intelligence of your soul, is screaming for you to run, then that is your inner divine compass trying to remind you of your own innate truth that will always and only come from within. Trust the intelligence of your soul, it will always have your back. Much Love, Light and Insight~Elisa 🗝

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Love Notes From Heaven

In my line of service, I sit daily with individuals and families who are dealing with great amounts of sadness, sorrow, and the deepest of grief in their losses. After being a part of this beautiful healing dance for a few years now, I have been able to take notice of a divine pattern that seems to miraculously take place.

The individuals who walk into my office, or even my group or audience readings are seldom the same individuals who leave. The sorrow when they enter is such a thick cloud of heaviness, and in contrast, the energy when they exit, is a restored sense of promise and proof that the loving connection with their loved ones, still very much exist. It’s not just my job to deliver messages from loved ones in spirit, it’s also my honor to be 100% present in those moments, to feel everything and then help those who come for readings, bridge an understanding that DEATH is not the end of a relationship, and LOVE is the ingredient that holds that understanding.

Once the understanding that the connection to a continued relationship with our loved ones in spirit starts with holding the deep love that we have for them, wonderful and amazing things start to happen. We truly can feel their presence, we are more open to the synchronicity of signs they bring us and we have a true knowing that they are always near. I like to believe that our loved ones in spirit are constantly sending us those little Love Notes From Heaven and Love is the mailing address.

Just remember, LOVE is truly the most powerful component that bridges the healing connection, It’s Forever, it’s Eternal, and it Surpasses life.

Much Love, Light & Insight~Elisa

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Embracing The Shadow Within

Embracing my Shadow today, and an epiphany occurred! It’s truly ok to stand in the truth of our dislikes just as much as we boldly stand in that which brings us comfort, joy and happiness. We’ve often been conditioned to believe that we are being difficult if we are not agreeable. The dislikes are a filtering system, an inventory process if you will. The dislikes re-introduce us to the higher self wisdom just as much as the “warm and fuzzy’s” do. We truly go deeper in evolvement when we embrace all sides of our being. Embracing that shadow within, opens the opportunity for the light to shine even brighter.

Much Love, Light & Insight~Elisa

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Client Love Notes

Elisa has been instrumental in guiding me professionally, spiritually and connecting me to many of my family members who are not physically here any longer and whom I have always had strong connections to.

Renee P. – New York City, New York

As a founder of Thought Form Healing™, it is my sincere honor to consider Elisa a trusted colleague and friend. She is a thorough professional as a spiritual counselor with great wisdom and insight, and what’s more, she has a rare compassion and sweetness that makes her so easy to talk to and share with intimately. We regularly recommend Elisa’s services as a medium and counselor to our friends and clients and are always grateful for the quality referrals she sends our way.

Dr. Diane Cantwell, Ph.D.

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