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Eggshells Over Medium

“Mom, I’ve been working as a Spiritual Medium Professionally for 7 years. My work has helped thousands find peace, comfort and healing from unimaginable pain, trauma and suffering and it’s time for me to stand firmly in my purpose by speaking it clearly.”

A truth that needed to be spoken within me had just been divinely divulged and unplanned mind you, over breakfast. It’s now a conversation I refer to as “Eggshells over Medium”.
Now the back story. My dear beautiful mother is one of the many skeptical and shut down from the concept of understanding Spirit Communication to the point it was excruciating to feel emotionally safe to ever bring it up knowing her reaction would never be the warmest to say the least.
And I was right…

Everything I feared came true, my mother was deeply ashamed and thoroughly disappointed in me. But the peace and level of harmony that all of a sudden aligned with my own ability to stand in my own unwavering truth even when my voice trembled was the healing and missing piece my own soul needed in that courageous and powerful moment of taking ownership of what I knew to be true inside of me.
And in that gorgeous moment of divine intervention I broke free from the story I created in my head that It was my responsibility to make others comfortable in their own discomfort.
So, I have a parent who is highly disappointed in me living my most authentic truth? Oh Well, I spoke my truth and peace was there to embrace me.

Being at peace doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s mutual, it just means you are whole and complete exactly where you stand!
It’s time to rise fully in the gifts, abilities and purpose we were all called to do and be without apologies and authentically without regret!

Speak Your Truth Even If Your Voice Trembles and Peace will greet you even if the feelings aren’t mutual. xo~Elisa

Client Love Notes

I immediately knew she was communicating with Devi due to a series of personal unique anecdotal information only Devi, I and her closest friends knew.

Mariza – Colorado

Elisa is a power source of channeled inspiration. She has a gifted way to comfort and soothe the soul during important times of change or with significant relationships either present or crossed over. She also has a courageous way of sharing her healing wisdom to make others feel safe and seen. What makes Elisa so refreshing is her generous spirit to show up with authenticity and in turn give others the permission to show up more fully and truthfully. She truly serves as a remarkable connector and uplifter. Her insights have the ability to strike the deep needed resonance in an easy relatable way. She is a treasure to add on your healing journey of transformation.

Anne Ribley-Writer Inspirational Trails, Spiritual Teacher

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“5 powerful keys to igniting your insight,” is my loving gift to you right now.

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