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Elisa Spiritual Medium

Medium Matinee Spirit Circle

May 19, 2019 • 2pm-4pm

4005 Kipling St, Wheat Ridge, CO 80033

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With Lynn Van Praagh Gratton and Elisa Malangone

Looking for Mediumship that Moves, Motivates and Matters?

Come witness the divinely guided mediumship duo that is humbly and compassionately dedicated to helping you get the healing answers, comfort and deep clarity needed around the circumstances in your life today.

Join the heart-centered tag team connection of World Renowned Mediums Lynn Van Praagh Gratton and Elisa Malangone as they go even deeper and detailed for you in this very intimate group setting. When Lynn and Elisa join their hearts and gifts together in this “Conscious Collaboration” in service to Spirit, “Healing Magic” takes place and your matters of your heart, matter to both Lynn and Elisa.   This loving Spirit Circle is dedicated to up to 2 hours of individual and unique messages delivered by both mediums as well as messages to the whole group.  There is also an extended opportunity to join Lynn and Elisa for dinner after the session.  This extra time allows for a Q & A session about spirit connection and follow up questions from your reading.  (*Each dinner guest responsible for their own check) This Very Sacred and uplifting event will leave you with the divine knowing and comfort that our loved ones in Spirit are always with us and never far from our side.

Ticket prices: $85

Client Love Notes

I immediately knew she was communicating with Devi due to a series of personal unique anecdotal information only Devi, I and her closest friends knew.

Mariza – Colorado

As a founder of Thought Form Healing™, it is my sincere honor to consider Elisa a trusted colleague and friend. She is a thorough professional as a spiritual counselor with great wisdom and insight, and what’s more, she has a rare compassion and sweetness that makes her so easy to talk to and share with intimately. We regularly recommend Elisa’s services as a medium and counselor to our friends and clients and are always grateful for the quality referrals she sends our way.

Dr. Diane Cantwell, Ph.D.

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One of my deepest Superpowers is "Giving from the Heart." "5 Powerful Keys to Igniting your Insight," is my loving gift to you right now.

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Elisa Spiritual Medium - Elisa Malangone - Denver Colorado


“5 powerful keys to igniting your insight,” is my loving gift to you right now.

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