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Elisa Spiritual Medium

Soul Support Sunday

• First Sunday of Every Month @1pm Mountain Time

Want To Feel Elisa’s Vibe Before She Reads Yours?

Join Elisa’s Complimentary Mediumship Master-Class

This Monthly service from the heart is designed to learn about mediumship, what it means, how mediums connect and how Elisa particularly uses her innate abilities to deliver messages from Spirit.  Elisa will also share information about her Soul Imagery Reiki service as well as all the areas her Transformational Coaching and Mediumship Services can offer.

The forum is also designed to check in with the community, for uplifting, inspiring and empowering through prayer and holding space for one another.

So whether you are on the fence about mediumship, want to learn more about the practice in detail, need community support or would like to see if Elisa is the best fit for your needs, this Soul Support Sunday is for you.

There is no sign up, just follow the link at 1pm Mountain Time on the first Sunday of each month and Elisa and Team Elisa will be there to greet you.

The Matters of Your Heart Truly Matter to My Heart.
Much Love, Light and Insight, Elisa


Client Love Notes

I immediately knew she was communicating with Devi due to a series of personal unique anecdotal information only Devi, I and her closest friends knew.

Mariza – Colorado

Elisa is a power source of channeled inspiration. She has a gifted way to comfort and soothe the soul during important times of change or with significant relationships either present or crossed over. She also has a courageous way of sharing her healing wisdom to make others feel safe and seen. What makes Elisa so refreshing is her generous spirit to show up with authenticity and in turn give others the permission to show up more fully and truthfully. She truly serves as a remarkable connector and uplifter. Her insights have the ability to strike the deep needed resonance in an easy relatable way. She is a treasure to add on your healing journey of transformation.

Anne Ribley-Writer Inspirational Trails, Spiritual Teacher

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One of my deepest Superpowers is "Giving from the Heart." "5 Powerful Keys to Igniting your Insight," is my loving gift to you right now.

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Elisa Spiritual Medium - Elisa Malangone - Denver Colorado


“5 powerful keys to igniting your insight,” is my loving gift to you right now.

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