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I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Shoutout Colorado Magazine for an interview.  What an amazing and humbling experience!   The questions were so impactful and really allowed me to dive into the truth of my story after 8 years of service.  Sometimes it’s good to be invited back to the beginning of your experiences in order to see the full picture of the process.  It truly captures the heart of my mission and puts me in a beautiful place of feeling deeply connected to my purpose and this gorgeous community.




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Eggshells Over Medium

“Mom, I’ve been working as a Spiritual Medium Professionally for 7 years. My work has helped thousands find peace, comfort and healing from unimaginable pain, trauma and suffering and it’s time for me to stand firmly in my purpose by speaking it clearly.”

A truth that needed to be spoken within me had just been divinely divulged and unplanned mind you, over breakfast. It’s now a conversation I refer to as “Eggshells over Medium”.
Now the back story. My dear beautiful mother is one of the many skeptical and shut down from the concept of understanding Spirit Communication to the point it was excruciating to feel emotionally safe to ever bring it up knowing her reaction would never be the warmest to say the least.
And I was right…

Everything I feared came true, my mother was deeply ashamed and thoroughly disappointed in me. But the peace and level of harmony that all of a sudden aligned with my own ability to stand in my own unwavering truth even when my voice trembled was the healing and missing piece my own soul needed in that courageous and powerful moment of taking ownership of what I knew to be true inside of me.
And in that gorgeous moment of divine intervention I broke free from the story I created in my head that It was my responsibility to make others comfortable in their own discomfort.
So, I have a parent who is highly disappointed in me living my most authentic truth? Oh Well, I spoke my truth and peace was there to embrace me.

Being at peace doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s mutual, it just means you are whole and complete exactly where you stand!
It’s time to rise fully in the gifts, abilities and purpose we were all called to do and be without apologies and authentically without regret!

Speak Your Truth Even If Your Voice Trembles and Peace will greet you even if the feelings aren’t mutual. xo~Elisa

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Rising Through the Rubble

Hello Beautiful Soul~I so feel you on this subject. Has your life felt more like a struggle through a hurricane then the enjoyable ideal you thought you were manifesting on your vision board of dreams? I myself have lived through a lot of havoc from loss of situations in my life that I thought were solid, concrete and unwavering, only to have everything shatter right before my eyes in such a devastating way, to the point that pulling the covers over my head and never emerging to the light of day again really sounded like a good idea and a safe plan.

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The Ebb and Flow of YES and NO

People Pleasers in the house? Oh yes, I myself am a former tribe member in recovery as your poster child. I still to this day catch myself feeling the need to please others. Just this past Christmas for example, I had some house guest who weren’t compassionate enough to take my no for answer, even though they knew I was recovering from the flu. The end result was that I gave in, pushed myself to the point of extreme exhaustion and needless to say, they were unpleased with the results and went to great extremes and distasteful measures to let me and anyone who would listen know how disappointed they were. Because I was not recovered fully from the flu, that exhaustion, led to walking pneumonia as well. I do feel a divine intervention was in play to protect me from carrying such unsupportive energies into what has become such an expansive and prosperous 2019, but WOW what a hard hit lesson on not honoring yourself first and standing firm in your NO.

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Not Letting Go Limits Future Manifesting

As I meditated on what to write today for this particular post, the word forgiveness came up several times. Each time I was visited with the idea, I struggled with saying yes to it. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but lately I have been challenged with situations and circumstances that have left me so baffled, heart-broken and confused that I was thrown completely out of alignment with my own truth. Oh I can hear you all now “Elisa, you’re psychic can’t you see these things coming and avoid them?”. Sadly grasshopper, even if we see it coming, sometimes we are still required to move through the lesson. Our abilities may help us discern through it and move through it quickly, however; we still must experience it.

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Staying Consciously Clear and Connected

Many of those in my beautiful spiritual community will ask me on occasion ” Elisa, How can I stay connected with my spirit guides and truly trust the connection?” I always get excited to answer these heart-conscious inquiries.

Just the other day I had a phone reading with a client, she was really irritated with me that I was delivering guidance from her “Spiritual Guides.” She went on to say, actually at this point, she was screaming “I want INFORMATION, my GUIDES HAVE RUINED MY LIFE and I do not want to hear from them I want YOU to give me answers! I first wanted to ask ” Have you read my website? I work solely with your higher self, your guides and angels.”

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The Intelligence Of Your Soul Will Never Steer You Wrong.

I actually came across these valuable words of wisdom from Walt Whitman from a morning tea bag just a few months ago and felt deeply inspired to take a photo. The innate wisdom did not start to resonate and ring true for my own soul until a recent visit to the fear-based belief vibrations I was raised in. I was truly tested to the core of my being, and thanks to years and years of knowing my own truth and working on my own spiritual growth, I truly believe I passed the test.

When people stay stuck in their story’s, they often need validation in order to justify their behaviors, belief systems and limitations. Sometimes, the extremes they go to can be acoustic, judgmental, fear mongering and downright mean and critical.

If the intelligence of your soul, is screaming for you to run, then that is your inner divine compass trying to remind you of your own innate truth that will always and only come from within. Trust the intelligence of your soul, it will always have your back. Much Love, Light and Insight~Elisa 🗝

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Client Love Notes

If you are intrigued by the mediumship shows like the Life After Death with Tyler Henry or Crossing Over with John Edward, Elisa’s gifts and talents will impress and bless you beyond belief. She is one of the most empathic, compassionate and dedicated mediums I have ever encountered. My life has changed in so many […]

Connie Steves-Los Angeles, CA

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Client Love Notes

What an amazing experience! I was able to connect with my mother, my Spiritual Guide and Arch Angel Gabriel.  Their guidance and insight was life altering for me. I am where I am today due to their sharing.  I am so blessed to have their unconditional love and support and Elisa was the one who made this happen.

Linda Summers

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