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Not Letting Go Limits Future Manifesting

As I meditated on what to write today for this particular post, the word forgiveness came up several times. Each time I was visited with the idea, I struggled with saying yes to it. I’m not sure about the rest of you, but lately I have been challenged with situations and circumstances that have left me so baffled, heart-broken and confused that I was thrown completely out of alignment with my own truth. Oh I can hear you all now “Elisa, you’re psychic can’t you see these things coming and avoid them?”. Sadly grasshopper, even if we see it coming, sometimes we are still required to move through the lesson. Our abilities may help us discern through it and move through it quickly, however; we still must experience it.

As I take on this topic, I realize it’s so hard to forgive and let go of a hurtful situation, especially when there are pieces missing to the puzzle like, apologies, closure or deeper explanations for the inexcusable behaviors that were directed towards us. What’s important to remember is that no matter how out of control the situation feels, you are still in choice on how you move forward. You can learn from it and become better or you can wallow, stay stuck and become bitter. I would like to think I would choose Better over Bitter any day, but forgiveness and letting go is a process and certainly does take some time, so in that, be gentle with yourself as you navigate through it.

It all may come down to the burning question “What energies are you allowing your energies to focus on”? What we focus on we allow. It’s unfortunate that others did not take the same care and compassion with our hearts as we did for theirs, but, If we continue to harbor ill feelings toward those who hurt us, we have relinquished our power to a lower frequency, and in doing so, we limit the co-creation and the manifestation of our future happiness and successes. In my humble opinion, there is no pain or person worth yielding a fantastic highest best future for.

As we take inventory of what we can and can not control, we find our truth and the power within us to surrender to the process. This will give you the strength, confirmation and clarity to rebuild and restructure. Just remember, to stay stuck and bitter will always limit the life you can create for yourself from here on out.

Much Love, Light and Insight~Elisa

Client Love Notes

What an amazing experience! I was able to connect with my mother, my Spiritual Guide and Arch Angel Gabriel.  Their guidance and insight was life altering for me. I am where I am today due to their sharing.  I am so blessed to have their unconditional love and support and Elisa was the one who made this happen.

Linda Summers

Elisa is an honest to goodness spiritual treasure—a truly connected medium whom I turn to without hesitation for her expertise and accuracy. Over the past three years, Elisa has been of assistance to me both personally and professionally; her gifts have made a positive impact on my physical health, assisted in making important life decisions, […]

Ivor Warren Francis, D. M. A.

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