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Rising Through the Rubble

Hello Beautiful Soul~I so feel you on this subject. Has your life felt more like a struggle through a hurricane then the enjoyable ideal you thought you were manifesting on your vision board of dreams? I myself have lived through a lot of havoc from loss of situations in my life that I thought were solid, concrete and unwavering, only to have everything shatter right before my eyes in such a devastating way, to the point that pulling the covers over my head and never emerging to the light of day again really sounded like a good idea and a safe plan.

When we go through these trials, they can become so devastating and debilitating that sometimes we can not see the higher vibrational miracle that is about to shine through the rubble. We can often find ourselves so vulnerable in our wounds, we end up bleeding all over those who didn’t even cut us if we don’t address the need for healing. Could it possibly be that in order to level up and rise to a more enlightening platform of living and loving, the unstable foundations that no longer serve our higher best purpose have to FALL? Unfortunatly, they have to FALL HARD in order to awaken us to the realization that there is more to life then to simply just go through the motions.

Below are just a few inspiring tips that I have gathered along the way during my own epiphanies through learning how to rise to higher frequencies through the rubble that was left from my own life lessons. All You have to Remember is the word RISE.

1. R-REALIZE this pain and devastation is only temporary unless you decide to pitch a tent around your sorrows and live there. Once you come to a realization that you are in choice to move forward from the rubble, the blue prints to rebuilding a better, healthier and more meaningful reality, will truly start to unfold before your eyes.

2. I-INVITE your Soul to the healing party. We often forget that we actually are “Spiritual Beings” first having a human experience and not the other way around. Somehow we allowed ego’s conditioning to remove us from our native language, which is the language and wisdom of the soul. The heart already knows what the mind can only imagine. Trust it’s guidance. When I moved through this stage, and truly sat with the intelligence of my soul, I was able to take inventory that the parts of my life that crumbled were actually created from the void of my ego and not from a higher self understanding to begin with.

3. S-SURRENDER the need to control or fix what has crumbled before you. Do take responsibility for your part however. This does not always mean that a situation can’t be healed and revisited in a more unified healthier light and vibration down the road. Sometimes we must allow a death to a frequency that no longer supports us, before it can Phoenix it’s way back to us with renewed energy.

4. E-EVOLVE to a higher understanding of yourself. Of course this takes a little time, but isn’t the time going to pass anyway? You can spend it stuck in your anger and frustration and see where that gets you, or you can take one day at a time to create something inside you that is so spiritually sound that not even a tsunami can destroy it. Get to know your true self. Sometimes these storms happen because what was once created was a watered down reality we chose to settle for because we truly did not know ourselves at the time. Your Soul wants you to have the best life experience possible and will hit the reset button if needed to get your attention that you can do better.

In order to rise above the rubble, there truly needs to be a new angle. We tend to repeat old non-supportive patterns because we want a quick fix through the uncomfortable pain. In becoming one with your truth, the life you rebuild and co-create from there will compliment your desires to the best expansive life possible. When foundations are built on truth, nothing can ever destroy them.

Much Love Light and Insight~Elisa

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If you are intrigued by the mediumship shows like the Life After Death with Tyler Henry or Crossing Over with John Edward, Elisa’s gifts and talents will impress and bless you beyond belief. She is one of the most empathic, compassionate and dedicated mediums I have ever encountered. My life has changed in so many […]

Connie Steves-Los Angeles, CA

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Client Love Notes

What an amazing experience! I was able to connect with my mother, my Spiritual Guide and Arch Angel Gabriel.  Their guidance and insight was life altering for me. I am where I am today due to their sharing.  I am so blessed to have their unconditional love and support and Elisa was the one who made this happen.

Linda Summers

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