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Elisa Spiritual Medium

Soulsight Intuitive Coaching

Searching for passion and insight to your life purpose?

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$200 for 60 minutes

Let’s turn your insight into action.

When you tap into your soul’s inner wisdom, you can dramatically heal and change your life.

Soulsight Intuitive Coaching Sessions are designed to help individuals connect to their own dynamic and unique insight and higher soul perspective for guidance concerning areas of life such as health, career, relationships, finances and matters of the heart.

Are you ready for a breakthrough? Elisa combines her authentic psychic abilities with insightful coaching skills to guide you to tap into your own higher wisdom and to be your best self.

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Client Love Notes

I always thought I was an only child, however in my session with Elisa, she was feeling adamant energy that I wasn’t an only child. After a little research, I found out that I have a half sister to celebrate and I am looking forward in developing a future relationship with her. I’m so grateful to Elisa for this valuable insight.

Tracy S. – Arvada, Colorado

As a founder of Thought Form Healing™, it is my sincere honor to consider Elisa a trusted colleague and friend. She is a thorough professional as a spiritual counselor with great wisdom and insight, and what’s more, she has a rare compassion and sweetness that makes her so easy to talk to and share with intimately. We regularly recommend Elisa’s services as a medium and counselor to our friends and clients and are always grateful for the quality referrals she sends our way.

Dr. Diane Cantwell, Ph.D.

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One of my deepest Superpowers is "Giving from the Heart." "5 Powerful Keys to Igniting your Insight," is my loving gift to you right now.

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Elisa Spiritual Medium - Elisa Malangone - Denver Colorado


“5 powerful keys to igniting your insight,” is my loving gift to you right now.

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