Staying Consciously Clear and Connected

Many of those in my beautiful spiritual community will ask me on occasion ” Elisa, How can I stay connected with my spirit guides and truly trust the connection?” I always get excited to answer these heart-conscious inquiries.

Just the other day I had a phone reading with a client, she was really irritated with me that I was delivering guidance from her “Spiritual Guides.” She went on to say, actually at this point, she was screaming “I want INFORMATION, my GUIDES HAVE RUINED MY LIFE and I do not want to hear from them I want YOU to give me answers! I first wanted to ask ” Have you read my website? I work solely with your higher self, your guides and angels.” Because I have unyielding guidelines in my practice against those who attempt to control the sessions in such a way, I shut down the reading immediately and lovingly wished her well on her journey. I have witnessed time and time again, when egos are invited into the session, it no longer supports my truest intentions to help the individual move forward from a soul stamina perspective. The situation really invited me to be in a place of reflection around how important it is to be in a trusting place with your own spiritual team.

Now, Back to the initial question. “How can I stay connected and truly trust it?” First of all, you must come to an understanding that your spiritual team is made up of a higher level of consciousness including your highest self, YES, I’ll say it again, YOU, my love, are a part of your own spiritual entourage. There is NO separation here of you verses your team. So when guidance comes through, your souls consciousness is actually giving you the guidance. Our intuition is merely our native language, some choose to use it, some choose to lose it. It’s not a matter of actually trusting your guides as much as it is trusting the essence of your truest divine make up. This practice takes clear consciousness and the energetic belief system beyond logic and ego.

In closing, The best way to sit with your own highest truth around this question would be to take a little connection inventory. Ask your self what you feel at any direct moment in any situation in your path. Are you at peace, empowered and feel emotionally and consciously connected or are you feeling, fearful, out of control, angry and argumentative? One vibration is consciously clear and connected and the other simply is not.

Much Love, Light and Insight~Elisa

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