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Client Love Notes

Elisa is an honest to goodness spiritual treasure—a truly connected medium whom I turn to without hesitation for her expertise and accuracy. Over the past three years, Elisa has been of assistance to me both personally and professionally; her gifts have made a positive impact on my physical health, assisted in making important life decisions, and most importantly, helped me to verify my own intuitive hunches. I am deeply grateful to Spirit for her blessed presence in my life.

Ivor Warren Francis, D. M. A.

Elisa is a power source of channeled inspiration. She has a gifted way to comfort and soothe the soul during important times of change or with significant relationships either present or crossed over. She also has a courageous way of sharing her healing wisdom to make others feel safe and seen. What makes Elisa so refreshing is her generous spirit to show up with authenticity and in turn give others the permission to show up more fully and truthfully. She truly serves as a remarkable connector and uplifter. Her insights have the ability to strike the deep needed resonance in an easy relatable way. She is a treasure to add on your healing journey of transformation.

Anne Ribley-Writer Inspirational Trails, Spiritual Teacher

As a founder of Thought Form Healing™, it is my sincere honor to consider Elisa a trusted colleague and friend. She is a thorough professional as a spiritual counselor with great wisdom and insight, and what’s more, she has a rare compassion and sweetness that makes her so easy to talk to and share with intimately. We regularly recommend Elisa’s services as a medium and counselor to our friends and clients and are always grateful for the quality referrals she sends our way.

Dr. Diane Cantwell, Ph.D.

If you are intrigued by the mediumship shows like the Life After Death with Tyler Henry or Crossing Over with John Edward, Elisa’s gifts and talents will impress and bless you beyond belief. She is one of the most empathic, compassionate and dedicated mediums I have ever encountered. My life has changed in so many amazing ways after working with her. I get almost double the messages and insight from Elisa’s sessions than I have from any other medium that I have seen before. A session with Elisa is a true gift for anyone looking for connection, clarity and inspiration.

Connie Steves-Los Angeles, CA

My session with Elisa, was very impactful. My mother came through about her china, borrowing my clothes when I was a teen, my tattoo in her honor and the flickering lights in my sons room in every house we ever lived in. Those details alone was all the evidence I needed to know that Elisa was truly connected. I can tell she does this work with pure intentions and for all the right reasons.

Stephannie Crowhurst

Elisa is by far a gem and sets a higher standard with her gifts. I had readings from two major Hayhouse Mediums in the past and found in my recent experience with Elisa that her abilities are right at their level of expertise if not better. She brought a simple grace, modesty and elegance to our session. The messages were extremely detailed and accurate, it felt like I was having a pleasant insightful conversation with a dear friend. Elisa is more than the real deal, shes the “Gold Standard.”

Kristen Murdock

Elisa is an extraordinary medium and channel. She quickly brought messages from family who have passed. Her ability to sense health issues is unsurpassed by any medium I have experienced. And what she channeled about my car was astonishingly right on! The most powerful aspect of my experience was Elisa’s clarity and direction for a new project, including details of its manifestation and publishing. The gifts of a reading with Elisa are long lasting & life changing. Most highly recommended!

Sonya Shannon

The magnitude and quality of Elisa’s gifts can only be closely compared to well known mediums in the media. When Elisa started singing the theme song to “The Greatest American Hero” (me and my brothers favorite sit com as kids), I knew for certain that she was connecting with my brother Charlie, it also had double meaning because he was letting me know that he was free, at peace and as the song goes,he was “walking on air.” What an amazing gift.

Kimberly R. – Lakewood, Colorado

I always thought I was an only child, however in my session with Elisa, she was feeling adamant energy that I wasn’t an only child. After a little research, I found out that I have a half sister to celebrate and I am looking forward in developing a future relationship with her. I’m so grateful to Elisa for this valuable insight.

Tracy S. – Arvada, Colorado

I met Lisa at a Women’s Retreat in 2014, and immediately knew there was something special and genuine about her.  She is a friend, and I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in healing their grief as a result of a loss, and want guidance on how to proceed in life.  Lisa helped me when my best friend of 20+ years entered Hospice and eventually died several weeks later.  Lisa first gave my friend Devi and I a reading, while she was still in Hospice, describing her transition, and who was preparing to greet her.  I then had another reading several months after Devi’s transition.  I immediately knew she was communicating with Devi due to a series of personal unique anecdotal information only Devi, I and her closest friends knew.  I have shared this reading with close friends, and they too now want a session with Lisa.  Lisa’s heart is full of compassion for her clients.  Her passion and enthusiasm are contagious, even if you are still feeling sad about your loss.  She helps embody the knowledge and wisdom that there is life after life, and we can still connect with those on the other side.

Mariza – Colorado

What an amazing experience! I was able to connect with my mother, my Spiritual Guide and Arch Angel Gabriel.  Their guidance and insight was life altering for me. I am where I am today due to their sharing.  I am so blessed to have their unconditional love and support and Elisa was the one who made this happen. Thank you so much!! Love and light.

Linda Summers

For the last fifteen years, having a spiritual/psychic advisor has been an important part of my personal growth. Elisa has been by far one of the most talented that I have been blessed to have in my life. She is amazing and offers her guidance with such love, light, gratitude, and humility. She is the “real thing”! Thank you Elisa for being a channel for my loved ones and my guides…


When Elisa connected to my father, She brought forth substantial validation, like a dress he bought me when I was young, to certain plants he planted in honor of my brother and I. She also mentioned dragonflies which were very significant to him towards the end of his life.

Kam Smith – Lakewood, CO

Elisa, I could not believe how insightful and profound this beautiful experience unfolded for me. The beauty and vision of your reading has enlightened me in many ways. It’s has and is still, guiding me in my journey to peace. Much love and gratitude to you always.

D. Walker – Franklin, KY

My first experience with a Medium was with Elisa. I did not know what to expect, but knowing her as my friend I was looking forward to the experience. This was more than I could ever put into words a a simple testimonial. I felt as if I were right in the room with loved ones that I had lost. I felt so much love and encouragement from things that had been weighing on my heart. Elisa shared things with me that could only come from them. I feel so much peace. I am so grateful that you are sharing your gifts Elisa. And thank you for being that bridge that I so desperately needed. I look forward to watching the change in the lives you have touched.

Lee, Arvada, Colorado

Having gone through something I thought I’d never have to face–the death of my newborn baby, I was led to Elisa solely by chance, or so I’d thought. But I know now that I was meant to meet her. I would not have been able to open myself up to any other spiritual medium the way I had with her. Meeting her at this time in my life was no accident. Her compassion and deep understanding allowed me to be open to the process of connecting with a greater spiritual presence. Although I was very emotional in our first reading, she stayed very present to the messages coming through for me, for our family. She was able to balance her natural calm and caring ways with her tremendous gift so beautifully and effortlessly.  To be able to communicate with my grandmother–things that only my grandma, myself and other family members knew, was so comforting. Words can’t express the comfort and deep love knowing that she is still there, always with my mother and I. Little quirky things came through and then at times, BIG things came through from her and other family members that had passed. I’ll never forget the messages that she was able to convey and communicate to me.  She gave me much comfort and hope during a sad and dark time. Thank you Elisa for the love and compassion you’ve always showed me. I know you will help many others as you have helped me and my family. What a gift you are!

L. – Denver, Colorado

Elisa’s gifts are extraordinary.  I had never met a medium before and was unclear about what that meant.  She was able to connect with my family members and friends who had passed on sharing messages from them that were so accurate and meaningful to me.  It was mind blowing as she could never have known the details of what she shared.  My favorite high school teacher came through to her.  I had not seen him for 35 years.  She also shared messages from several adored relatives.  It was a powerful experience for me and I now have a wonderful sense of peace that I am truly never alone.  I am so grateful to Elisa for that.

A.P. – Evergreen

Elisa was able to connect with my aunt who passed away about 10 years ago.  I had no doubt it was her when she started talking about the Shirley Temple doll in her doll collection she’d passed down to her daughter…it had been her favorite of all the dolls!  Thanks Elisa for all the insight and confirmation!  Looking forward to our next session!

C.H. – Pinecliffe, Colorado

Elisa surpassed all my expectations. She delivered clear guided information in a loving supportive professional way.

Susan A. – Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Elisa has been instrumental in guiding me professionally, spiritually and connecting me to many of my family members who are not physically here any longer and whom I have always had strong connections to.

Renee P. – New York City, New York

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