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What Spirit has taught me about my own search for Soul Mate Love.

I am a HUGE romantic and quite the optimistic CHEERLEADER when it comes to LOVE and all matters of the heart. I truly am committed to creating something real, blissful and worth while in my own love life. I have also been blessed with the opportunity to help others with their own search for that “soul mate oneness” we all seem to be longing for. When I was recently asked to write about finding love from a “Spiritual Perspective”, I was a little clueless how to write this piece. You see, I find myself back in the throws of the dating world these days. Sometimes scary, sometimes exhilarating and often disappointing. I’ll be honest, up until recently it’s been one WILD RIDE… and then it dawned on me, as a spiritual teacher who’s message is always about heart-centered love and the belief beyond statistics, I surprisingly allowed past conditioning and limited beliefs around relationships to cloud my ability to see through the facade. Isn’t that what we all seem to end up doing in the quest for undying love?

In my own mediumship practice, I have been so blessed to experience REAL loving relationships that withstand the test of time even when the other partner is now residing in Spirit. A love so deeply connected, that not even DEATH gets in the way of it. This is the “The Note Book” kind of relationship that I’m talking about here, like the ones in fairy tales that many of us have been conditioned to believe does not exist. How can that possibly be? That’s a role model relationship right there and the question is, how do WE get it? This my friends, is what we call the expression of “undying love”. As I am in the midst of manifesting that kind of heart magic in my own life, imagine my surprise when my spirit guides brought it to my attention that I was completely missing the whole message. If you are not in the same vibrational place of your journey by the time you meet, all the love and patience in the world for one another is not going to sustain it. Here are some keen insights that I have picked up along the way.

1. NEVER SETTLE. Do not allow the conditioning that you received in your life time to convince you to ever settle for ANYTHING less then what your heart desires. YOU MY LOVE, DESERVE IT. Never doubt that.

2. MORE THAN WORDS. Action is the verb relationship possibilities thrive on. If the vibration of commitment isn’t coming forth in the form of action, something is clearly missing in your connection. This is when things usually get uncomfortable. One person is inclined to talk about it while the other most likely gets defensive and retreats. After all, no one wants to hear that they are not fulfilling their partners needs. Constant connection and momentum is a must.

3. PRIORITY NOT AFTERTHOUGHT. When you find yourself beginning to question if you are an afterthought rather than a top priority in your partners life, there is a reason. In my experience, when this situation has surfaced, the “busy life excuses” start coming out of the woodworks and I’m told not to take things too personally, when conversation has been dropped for an unhealthy amount of time. (ie ghosting). Ask your heart, how long it is willing to settle for less than total joy. There is absolutely no reason why you should not have it all. Excuses Begone…If you matter to your mate, they will find a way to embrace you into their life and make you a priority.

4. CARPE YOUR DIEM. Your time is very valuable. Does living your best life include questioning whether or not you’re with the one? Quite frankly if you have to ask yourself that question, you might not want to know the answer. After you know in your heart you have done everything you can to make it work, acknowledge it’s time to disconnect. No more repeatedly voicing your concerns to a deaf audience, simply drop the mic and exit stage left. Trust me, they’ll get the memo you’ve left the building when you are no longer snacking on their stale breadcrumbs.

In close, stay true to the desires and passions of your heart and understand you are worthy of the loving respect and admiration that you desire. Absolutely make no apologizes to wanting what your heart wants. Have the COURAGE to say “NO THANK YOU…NEXT PLEASE?” to whats not working. Your soul has all the answers, let it to lead you to the individual that becomes breathless when you enter the room and makes you a priority in their world just as much as you make them in yours. And…Never loose faith in your abilities to manifest the “GREATEST LOVE STORY OF YOUR LIFE.”

Much Love, Light and Insight~Elisa

Much Gratitude to Marie C Mulholland for your co-writing assistance and beautiful love and support on this heart-felt copy.

Client Love Notes

Elisa has been instrumental in guiding me professionally, spiritually and connecting me to many of my family members who are not physically here any longer and whom I have always had strong connections to.

Renee P. – New York City, New York

Elisa is a power source of channeled inspiration. She has a gifted way to comfort and soothe the soul during important times of change or with significant relationships either present or crossed over. She also has a courageous way of sharing her healing wisdom to make others feel safe and seen. What makes Elisa so refreshing is her generous spirit to show up with authenticity and in turn give others the permission to show up more fully and truthfully. She truly serves as a remarkable connector and uplifter. Her insights have the ability to strike the deep needed resonance in an easy relatable way. She is a treasure to add on your healing journey of transformation.

Anne Ribley-Writer Inspirational Trails, Spiritual Teacher

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