How Did They Know That: Understanding Spirit Communication

By: Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton and Elisa Malangone

Have you ever wondered how spirit communication works?

There have been many television shows around the subject these days that have show cased the gifts and talents of many mediums, delivering messages in such a precise clarity, that it can sometimes leave you to question “How did they know that?”

Serving as mediums through the years, we have come to more of an understanding on the concept of how those in spirit communicate with us. Every medium has a different style in how they serve, but we certainly do have a universal understanding in our profession. Believing we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, is key to this understanding. Whether we are embodied or not, we all have souls, and that soul energy level is basically the native language that helps bridge the gap between our two worlds. Think of it like energy is everywhere, always consistent, moving and ever changing, even if it’s unseen. If you can feel it, you know it’s there.

It’s essential to explain the differences in frequencies between the realms of earth and spirit dimension in a simple manner.

Those solely in spirit, operate on a higher frequency in which they must lower for connection and we spirits, still on our earthly journey, must raise our energy on our end. It can feel a little bit like sending a text message from our smart phones of today to the morse code wires of yesteryear. There is quite a frequency change between the two wires, but you know in that moment, somehow, communication is trying to come in, however; it’s going to take some decoding to figure out the message. The decoding process is where a mediums psychic abilities and gifts come in, and from there, we can begin the communication process with spirit.

In close, there may not be an exact science on how to communicate with those we love in spirit. Every medium is different in their delivery, but with just a simple understanding that the core of that connection resonates first from the soul level that we all have in common, it can open us up to a deeper perspective in receiving our messages.

Lynn Van Praagh-Gratton is an internationally recognized Psychic Medium based in Long Island, New York, serving Denver and across the country.

Elisa Malangone is an internationally recognized Spiritual Medium/Spiritual Coach serving Denver and Beyond

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